Saturday, April 17, 2010


After struggling like mad for about 2 days!! I finally managed to complete my own blogs!!!. Based on my experience creating this blog. I finally make some conclusion that is building your own blog it is not an easy job!! I mean it!! These are the reasons why:

1.    <Find Suitable Pattern and Colours>
Yup!! People seems don’t care to forgot that colour give an IMPORTANT roles in creating your blog. Sam goes to human. Bad colour match means your  fashion IQ taste are low.

2.    <Understand Some Basic Code>
 Another thing to look out!! At least you know what it is HTML (This code always remind me about HL Low Fat Milk), Buttons, Header etc. And understand it well.

           <Create Your Own Identity>
Try to be yourself when writing a Blog, don’t imitate other people!!(OK!!! i prefer the REAL Britney!!)

Ok basically this blog is all about everything that I think is interesting (any topics maybe about people,food, gadgets, especially MUSIC!!) and I will post it here!! From now own lets be BFF!!!
P/S: Sorry about any grammar mistakes that i have made. Not really good tho.


star said...

welcome to blogger world!still need some work on the grammar,keep up!(^^)

Wzulhilmi said...

i hate grammar!! LOls... kadang ader tersilap tp x nampak..hahaha. Thanks!!

star said...

Haha first entri ko..ade 2 komen je!LOL