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Monday, February 10, 2014

So Called Anecdote

I should wait like 10 more days and after that officially announce my comeback after 3 months of missing in action without any prior notice. Fear no more, this blog is not dying yet. Let's just assumed that I just got back from rehab because of food obsession (Not to be confused with the Ke$ha one). 

I'm not going to write in full force for this entry yet since I'm not in that tranquility mood to write either in something casually not-so-funny post or some sort of inspirational stories (rolling eyes). How about we treat this entry just like some kind of "Hey I'm back, you better fasten you seat belt, cuz it's gonna to be a bumpy ride journey once again" announcement thingy.

Much to my surprise,  the average traffic for this blog is still quite good (not that good in terms of hundreds!) despite by not updating it like months, proving that people still craves for my stories. So I'm going to write again.

See you soon. Cheerio. 

And yes, I perfectly still can write in Malay. *sips tea*