Saturday, July 7, 2012

Money Is The Anthem of Success?

Disebabkan kerja 2-3 minggu kerja asyik mengadap komputer dari pagi sampia ke petang, I need something to boost my productivity. And the answer of course dengan menyumbat lubang telinga dengan earphone then dengar lagu sampai lebam.  Kalau tak memang lah selang 3 minit ko asyik menguap then mengintai-gintai pekerja depan buat apa. Then kantoi ada yang bukak website murai dot com dot my dan facebook secara senyap-senyap. =____=

And among all the song in the playlist. There is one song I've been listening in a repeat mode like about 4-5 hours non stop sambil tangan keletak-kelutuk tekan keyboard.

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey

Aku ada mention dia ni dalam entry-entry lepas. Even reviewing her album here. To be honest, this song is one of the.. what do you say? hurmm.. the most non-appealing track ever compared to the other bunch of songs.  Kalau first listen memang confirm lah tangan tu nak tekan skip button. Tapi sekarang ironinya, lagu ni dah jadi one of my favorite songs from her. That is until she released the official music video for this song.

7 minutes of awesomeness. Totally one of the best MV's on 2012. Minus the raba-raba and the kissing scene lah.You know how orang putih tak boleh lari from these. Starting the video with happy birthday song yang ko rasa macam 500 ratus kali ganda lagi sedap banding dengan Paris Hilton punya Version. Then suddenly appears sorang lelaki negro which is apparently adalah suami kepada Lana dalam video ni. And video ends with Lana saying something not clear tapi part dia ulang-ulang sebut 'I Love You' (referring to a tragedy scene in the video) gila terasa. Wahhh!! Inikah cinta abadi? Ok stop.

Ignore the video. Fokus pasal a small portion of lyric in the song.

Money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it's a fact. Kiss, Kiss.

Then she keep on repeating this verse at the end of the song,

Money is the anthem of success. 

Adakah ini benar??

Sadly, yes this is true. Especially in our society nowadays. You know the concept of judging people based on material stuff.

And of course money is not the reason we exist.

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cEro said...

One wise man once said to me,
"Money is the power. But the ones that have the information always at the top of the chain."

Tapi aku tak boleh masuk tandas awam dengan information.