Tuesday, June 12, 2012

McFlurry Crisis

So last night I encountered a new promo from McD dkt bahagian section dessert mereka. There will be a new dessert in town!! 

(which aku cepat-cepat post dekat FB fan page konon-konon nak meraih simpati peminat horlicks mcflurry. Tapi satu pun tak ada. YELEK!)

Presenting Groovy Lime!!! Which I knew this thing gonna happened.. someday. 

Kegusaran saya:

The most uhmazing, delicioso, magnificent and other sensational-word-that-hard-to-describe Horlicks Mcflurry akan diberhentikan buat sementara waktu. *jeling* I don't like this flavor already.

But still, semua ni masih lagi khabar angin. I need an official confirmation.


Horlicks Mcflurry still ada dijual lagi woi! Kah kah kah. The power of horlicks. 

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